Sensei Scandinavia's vision is to help people who understand that the basis of real success and well-being is good health

About us

Scandinavia's specialist and pioneer in treatment equipment with infrared light

We have worked with infrared light since 2003. We introduced our flagship Resonans in Sweden, as a full-body treatment with IR-light. We then introduced this treatment to many customers in Denmark and later also in Norway and Finland. For several years now, we have spread Sensei Scandinavia internationally, and today our products are found in clinics all over the world.

We have never stopped marveling at all the possibilities, broad treatment areas and astonishing results of the Infrared Light. We know today that it is a form of treatment that really works.

Quality and knowledge

A natural, beautiful, simple and effective treatment has made us loyal and specialized in infrared light. We have chosen to strictly select equipment that maintains the highest quality. We have helped develop our Sensei Professional and Sensei Therapist equipment ourselves. These have high quality IR panels from Japan that are medically approved.

Many of our clients are therapists who care about good results and the safety of their clients. We also offer them training and support as an obvious part of a good collaboration.

A few words from the founder

I started the company with the conviction: If my body feels really good, I perform better. If I perform better, I reach my goals more easily. Then I the tools so that I can create the life I want to live!

That Body, Soul and Spirit are connected is a holistic way of thinking that I adhere to and that brought me to Infrared Light. Soft, pleasant warmth from rays as beautiful as the sun's, and with an energy that boosts my body while I just lie down and enjoy!

Could it get any better?

That it also helps the body to be cleansed of various toxins - rhymed well with my ideas about how I could get body and mind in a good synergy.

So, at the beginning of 2003 we introduced infrared light as a form of treatment in Sweden. The interest was great and a physiotherapist and a few different therapists became our first customers. It was fun, now we were on!

We have now sold equipment throughout Scandinavia, as well as other parts of the world, to both private individuals and companies. Our signature is Knowledge and Quality and I dare say that we have the finest IR lights on the market in this genre.

Over the years, we have sold hundreds of pieces of equipment to wonderful therapists who dared to believe in us and the wonderful properties of infrared light. Their experiences and ours are a constant source of inspiration for further work.

Ingele Hallström