Sensei Professional II

Our most exclusive product for infrared heat treatment
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World-class IR-panels

Thanks to world-class patented IR-panels, this equipment gives you the opportunity to offer a treatment with infrared light of the highest quality.




Folding upper part with suspension


Medically approved


90 kg


220 V 60 Hz


1500 W

Outer dimensions


208 cm


90 cm


105 cm

Inner dimensions


195 cm


66 cm


45 cm


Sensei Professional II is used for infrared heat therapy in clinics and at spa facilities all over the world.

The equipment is known both because it enables a treatment with very good results and because it is so easy to use.

High quality technology

The patient is surrounded by IR-panels that are mounted in both the lower and upper part of the machine. These panels are manually regulated with a remote control, making it easy to set the level of heat treatment that suits the best.

At the end of a treatment, a signal is given and the Sensei Professional II switches off automatically.

A holistic perspective

With equipment from Sensei Scandinavia, you can always offer a pleasant and effective IR-treatment to your customers.
Thanks to an extra in-depth heat treatment, pain and stiffness in muscles and tissues are addressed right down to the cellular level.
An infrared light is sent from a high-quality panel down into the body's tissues. The patient experiences a soft, pleasant and relaxing sensation similar to that of sunbathing.
Infrared treatment is softer and more gentle than tanning. It provides increased comfort and it is not uncommon to fall asleep for a while. You also avoid harmful effects on skin and cells that are associated with ultraviolet light.

Flexible solutions

With the Sensei Professional II, the intensity is easily adjusted to the type of infrared therapy desired.

For stiff joints or muscle tension, a low intensity of infrared light is suitable. A higher intensity is desirable for example for weight loss or detox.


The equipment is designed to guarantee the highest level of comfort and functionality. The patient can choose to lie with his head outside or inside the treatment area.

The course of treatment can be interrupted at any time just by lifting the lid.


CE approved, holds 2 Patent, award winner for Excellent Product, Excellent Performance, ISO 9001, 14001, 13485 and GMP standard- Good Manufacturing of Medical Devices.